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This name derives from the old manor of Lumsden in the parish of Coldingham, Berwickshire. the earliest recording of the name appears some time between 1166 and 1182 when brothers Gillem (William) and Cren de Lumsden witnessed a charter by Earl Waldeve of Dunbar to the Priory of Coldingham. The lands of Lumsden are first mentioned in a charter dated 1098 of Edgar, King of Scots and son of Malcolm Canmore. Gillem and Cren de Lumsden are the earliest recorded owners of the lands. In 1296 Adam Lumsden of that Ilk and Roger de Lumsden were among those who did forced homage to Edward I of England, their names appearing on the Ragman Rolls. Around 1328 Gilbert de Lumsden married the heiress of Blanerne of that Ilk and in 1329 received a charter from the Earl of Angus for the Blanerne lands. By the mid 14th Century offshoots of the family had charters to lands in Conlan in Fife and Medlar and Cushnie in Aberdeenshire. Three Lumsden brothers fought for the Swedish King, Gustavus Adolphu s in the mid 1600s. A unit in his service was named Lumsden's Musketeers. One of the brothers, James Lumsden of Innergellie returned from his duties for the Swedish King to support the Covenanters; he fought at Marston Moor in 1644, where Charles I was defeated and captured, and at the Battle of Dunbar in 1650 where he served under David Leslie. His brother Robert of Mountquhanie defended Dundee against General Monck and was killed on its surrender. Blanerne or Lumsden Castle, Duns, was acquired in the 14th Century. Cushnie, Alford, Pitcaple Castle Inverurie and Tillycairn Castle, Cluny are also owned by the family.


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